Almost eighteen years ago at the young age of three, my father took me to the woods for the first time. I immediately loved it. My whole life has been spent hunting as a result. Most of the food my father and I eat is the product of our favorite sport. Hunting is a great way to bond and also stay out of trouble. However, it can quickly become troublesome when someone steps into your hunting area. Most hunting accidents are caused by this type of ignorance. That's why my dad and I came up with an idea, an idea to educate people on safe hunting and to provide the tools to incorporate it into your game. Thus, Hunter Up Safety was born.

The Hunter Up symbol represents danger, caution, and keep away! We have also developed a highly visible perimeter system to place strategically around your claimed area to warn other hunters to stay away. These products have the potential to drastically reduce the average of hunting-related accidents.

We all have lives outside of this passion and want to avoid compromising them negatively because of something completely avoidable. By following the three R's and using Hunter Up Safety gear, you will have the reassurance that your hunt will be memorable rather than regrettable.