What Hunter Up Should Mean To You

Hunting has long needed a symbol, one that is immediately identifiable. A symbol that stands for the sport of hunting, the hunter, and hunting safety. A symbol that shows other hunters to stay away from certain areas where there is a hunter and/or hunting in progress. Another international symbol that shows importance and organization is the Diver Down symbol which tells everyone that comes close to stay away from the area, divers are in the water. Hunting is now a common and family activity, even our little girls are hunting now. If you see or come across Hunter Up trail marker Tape, perimeter tape, or Hunter Up tree wrap, STAY AWAY there is a hunter in the area.


What does orange mean to you? Orange is often used, like red and yellow, as a color warning of possible danger or calling for caution. When you see orange nearby, you are on alert, but for what?

A generic warning can be only so useful. What should you be on guard of? If you are driving down the road and only see a plain orange sign, its usefulness is limited. Should you look for an accident, a construction worker nearby, or a dangerous dip in the road? Without that information, your safety, as well as the safety of others, is still potentially at risk.

However, when the sign is clear, you know exactly what to look for and exactly how to proceed.

Often when walking through the woods on a hunt, you may spot generic, plain orange marking tape. But when seeing that, what should you be alert for? Surveyors, timber cruisers, loggers, utility companies, a corner marker, or maybe a hunter? Anyone can put that tape up for a variety of reasons, limiting the effect of the intended message and its ability to safeguard you.

Our safety products are distinct. Using Hunter Up Trail Marker Tape, Hunter Up Perimeter Tape, and our Hunter Up Tree Wrap will provide a clear, immediately recognizable symbol that represents hunting and your claimed hunting area. This will notify any other hunters to stay away and venture elsewhere.